How to Prepare for Your First Consultation With a US Immigration Lawyer

US Immigration Lawyer: How to Prepare for Your First Consultation | Bhuchar Law Firm

Are you looking for an immigration lawyer in Austin, Texas? Legal issues surrounding immigration require consultation with a lawyer with extensive experience and knowledge about the ever-changing immigration laws in the US, as well as an understanding of how the system works. Here are six things you should keep in mind as you prepare for your first consultation with a US immigration lawyer.

Do Your Research

Before you make a decision about which attorney you want to work with, do some research on the immigration lawyers in Austin. Getting referrals from people who have gone through the process before is a good idea. Your research should help narrow down your options after making a list of your top picks. If you are still unsure who to choose, schedule consultations with several prospective lawyers to get to know them and make your decision easier.

Gather the Necessary Documents

You will need to provide all relevant travel documentation, so start compiling your records to make the process as seamless as possible. In addition to your birth certificate, passport, and visa or visa application, related documents include your marriage license, green card, employment authorization cards, and any paperwork filed with US Citizenship and Immigration Services or US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If you’ve already received an immigration court hearing date, take that letter to show your lawyer.

Provide a Copy of Your Criminal Record, if Applicable

If you have been arrested for a crime, you must share that information with your immigration attorney. Failure to disclose this information may cause your application to be denied. Provide a copy of your arrest record and the case results so your lawyer can adequately prepare. There are exceptions to every rule, so be sure to take all the relevant police and court documents so you know how your criminal record may affect your case.

Make a List of Questions

It is important to ask questions specific to your case. You can ask about the attorney’s experience, your chance of success, or the estimated cost of their services. So, as you prepare for your first consultation, put aside some time to think and make a list of all the questions and concerns you think might be relevant.

Be Honest With Your Attorney

To avoid any surprises that may negatively impact your case, be honest with your attorney and share all relevant details despite any embarrassment or misgivings that you may have. The information is confidential and giving your lawyer all the information they need will be beneficial to you in the long run. Some attorneys will ask you to fill out a form before your first visit; include all the necessary details on the form.

Take Notes to Compare Attorneys

As you conduct each interview, write down – or otherwise make a record of – the pros and cons of each attorney you meet. These notes will make it easy for you to compare and contrast your options later. Furthermore, note-taking will help you decide who is the most knowledgeable and experienced attorney because you’ll have a record of their answers to your questions.

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