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Personal Injury: 2 Car accidents

New Jersey recorded a total of 278,413 motor vehicle accidents in the year 2018. While not all crashes are severe, these accidents can often result in painful injuries and sometimes even death. A lot of car accidents that take place nowadays are a result of negligent or reckless driving. If you have been involved in an accident caused by the negligence of the other driver and sustained injuries, we advise you to contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer at your earliest convenience.

Car accidents can cause some serious damage, including but not limited to, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain damage, damaged internal organs, burns, and dismemberment. Seek medical attention immediately when you are in an accident, even if you think you are relatively uninjured as sometimes pain manifests after a few hours or days. It is also advised to call the police to the scene and consult a personal injury lawyer once you have received medical attention. A serious injury can amount to substantial medical bills and also results in loss of wages due to missed work. In some instances, the injuries can have a lasting impact that can change your life. You may even be forced to give up your job. Rehabilitation and therapy may also be required. The financial aftermath, coupled with the accident trauma, can be overwhelming and stressful for the victim and their family. A personal injury attorney can help you recover these damages. But these cases can be complicated.

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. Their objective is to make you settle for as little amount as possible for the case. They are known to cut deals that benefit them and not the victims of the accidents. So, we urge you not to accept their offer no matter how fair they say the offer is. An attorney can help you understand the facts of your case. They represent you and have your best interests in mind. They can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve, which is usually a lot higher than what the insurance company will offer you.

Furthermore, auto insurance of both drivers highly impacts your right to file a personal injury lawsuit in the court. New Jersey State requires the car owner to carry minimum car insurance by law. It is a legal requirement, and failure to do so can result in penalties or jail. As New Jersey is a no-fault state, your auto insurance, or Personal Injury Protection (PIP), will be covering the expenses of your medical bills to a certain extent regardless of who was at fault for the accident. But it does not cover ‘pain and suffering.’ Yet, if the injuries you sustained are serious, this law doesn’t apply. You can file liability claims against the other car driver demanding damages when your medical bills exceed a certain amount, or the accident resulted in:

  • Dismemberment
  • Significant disfigurement
  • Significant scarring
  • Displaced fractures
  • Loss of an unborn child
  • Permanent Injury

It is also important to remember that New Jersey is a ‘Comparative Negligence’ state. It means that the individual demanding damages can only obtain them if they are less at fault for the accident than the other driver. The amount you recover also depends on how much you contributed to the accident, even if it was less than the other driver.

When you file a liability claim against the at-fault driver, you can be compensated for your pain and suffering, medical and hospital bills including rehabilitation, lost wages, emotional distress, loss of consortium, future expenses (if applicable), and other damages resulting from the accident. While it cannot make up for the trauma you suffered and how it changed your life or the loss of a loved one, it can help you move on with your life.

Bear in mind that the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is two years. It means you have two years from the day you were injured in the accident to file a lawsuit in the court, after which you cannot litigate.

There are many variables involved in a car accident case. At Bhuchar Law Firm, our experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers can help you evaluate your case and represent you aggressively to obtain your compensation. Such cases often require careful investigation to procure evidence. Our attorneys consult with experts from all the required fields to gain a deeper understanding of the accident and how it impacts the damages you are owed. The insurance companies especially can be challenging to deal with on your own. Our lawyers ensure that they do not take advantage of you, and handle the negotiations for you. If the amount they offer is not what you deserve, we are able and willing to go to trial. Bhuchar Law Firm is with you at every step of the way, offering legal counsel and protecting your rights. If you are unsure about your case, we are happy to provide you guidance and offer you your best options. Kindly book a consultation with us at our office if you have any more questions.