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A green card grants you the status of permanent resident in the US. It is not the same as being a citizen, but it is the first step to acquiring US citizenship for a foreign national. A green card holder can apply to be a citizen of the country after being a permanent resident for five years.

A green card enables the holder to reside and work in the country indefinitely. There are various ways you can get a green card. It can be through marriage, family member, employment, and special immigrant status, humanitarian programs for refugees and asylee, victims of abuse, crime, human trafficking, and other green card categories. Mostly the green cards are sponsored by family members and employers.

Family: If you have an immediate family member who is a citizen or permanent resident of the US, you are eligible to apply for a green card.

Employment: Your employer can sponsor your green card if they offer you a permanent job in the country. But it is subject to approval by the Department of Labor Law that requires proof that the employer seeking a green card is accomplished for the job, and there are no US workers who are eligible for the job.

Refuge and asylum: If you suffered persecution or fear persecution in your home country on the basis of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or being a member of a social group and seeking protection, you can apply for asylum if eligible.

After establishing your eligibility in one of the categories, you are required to fill out an application form based on that category with the USCIS. Ensure that the form is filled in correctly and supported with the required documents. You will be called in to give biometrics and other necessary information. The USCIS then reserves the right to interview any applicant based upon their review of the applications. The application is then either approved or rejected by the agency. Once approved, the green card is valid for ten years in the US, after which it needs to be renewed. If you misplace your green card or it is stolen, there is a provision for replacing a green card.

A green card does not give you the right to vote or work with the government. It also does not protect you from being deported on various grounds. Provided the green holder fulfills all the responsibilities and obligations of a permanent resident and does not break the law, they should be able to maintain their status. A green card holder can acquire citizenship through naturalization after five years, or less, depending on their circumstances.

Obtaining a green card is an intricate and lengthy process; it is recommended to have an attorney assist you. Our New Jersey immigration attorneys at Bhuchar Law Firm are well experienced with the laws of immigration. They can help you with the green card case, whether it is applying for a green card or renewing or replacing the green card. They can verify your eligibility for the green card and ensure that all your paperwork and documents are in order. We have had the pleasure of assisting many clients to become a permanent resident of the US, and we’d like the opportunity to provide you with that joy as well. Bhuchar Law Firm is open for consultation if you have any questions about your case.