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Real Estate

Consulting a real estate attorney when carrying out real estate transactions is highly advised, as it is a decision that may hold for a lifetime. Seemingly a straight process, buying or selling of a house is usually a bit more intricate and having an experienced lawyer at your service can be helpful. Having your attorney look at the agreement before signing it can save you a lot of trouble. They can point out any clause that may be disadvantageous to you and help you negotiate better terms, which is a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to signing an unfavorable agreement without an attorney’s consultation. Having an attorney look at your contracts after signing them, something that the other party may insist upon, means any changes you might want to then incorporate will be a much longer and difficult process, and will cost you more. It is, therefore, strongly recommended to consult a qualified real estate attorney to help you with your transactions from the beginning to ensure your legal interests are protected.

Our dedicated attorneys at Bhuchar Law can help you with drafting your purchase or sale agreements and leases, reviewing agreements, assessing mortgage closings, financing and refinancing, and title search. We act in the best interests of our clients, ensuring that the transfer process is smooth and assisting you with any other documents that might need to be revised.

Our attorneys understand the New Jersey estate laws and you can depend on us to provide the right counsel in any real estate case. Call us or meet us to discuss your real estate case and how we can be of help. We’ll answer any question you may have to help you decide if you need to avail of our services.